Oud Tonic

Oud is interwoven with tonic freshness, giving an impressive of unlimited freedom with borders and bounds.

As the journey starts, the first sign on the skin is a vibration of spectacular beginning filled with top notes of the light, refreshing lime zest, very sweet hesperidin mandarin, intoxicating juniper berries and delicate pears blossom. With each new step, overcoming miles, the heart of the traveler is beating faster unlocking an aromatic taste of clove buds, olibanum, bittersweet saffron and woody vetiver. The desired destination is getting closer, the traveler is moving further away. And when the traveler vanishes behind the horizon, the somber woody cedar, musky oud, sophisticated black leather and musk notes remind us of the presence.


Family:  Floral Woody Musk
Top Note:
Lime zest, Mandarin, Intoxicating Juniper Berries, pear blossom
Heart Note:
Clove bud, saffron, cistus, Olibanum, Vetiver
Base Note:
Cedar Wood, Oud, Black Leather, Musk



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